Our Suppliers and Products

We only use fully skilled accredited painters & decorators, as well as the best quality paints & products to guarantee the best finish in an environmentally friendly practice.

The paints we use are fully guaranteed by the manufacturers and we will always provide you with all Material & Safety Data Sheets for each product, as well as a Colour Schedule.
Prestige Painting Company is Dulux accredited and although we strongly recommend their products, we will always listen to your preferences, compare and apply the best product with your approval.

Refinishing Products

Prestige Painting Company has been selected to be an EP-Acrylic coating systems applicator.
EP-Acrylic is a high performance, acrylic based, purposed designed, coating system. It is superior to other resurfacing systems where appearance, adhesion, low curing time, toughness, long term durability and health and safety are optimum considerations.
EP-Acrylic coatings are isocyanate-free making to be safe for both applicator and consumer. In our opinion, the finest resurfacing coatings available.

With Stone-Flecks™, an acrylic polymer-based coating system, eco-friendly and VOC compliant, we can mimic the natural look of stone, marble or granite.
The Stone-Flecks™ state-of-the-Art formula makes it superior in durability, colour fastness, abrasion and stain resistance, and flexibility than other products and will add many years to the service life of counters, vanities, cabinets or ceramic tiles, in a complete new modern look.

Renovation does not have to be expensive and resurfacing is an economical solution, in price as much as time.

Have a look around our website and if you like what you see, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

We are sure you will not be disappointed and we will certainly be delighted to hear from you!