roof_restorations Roof Restoration Service

Considering restoring the external look of your home to its former glory, starting from the roof?
Roof tiles, galvanised iron or Zincalume, we can give a second youth to your roof and in the meantime, help optimise the impact of the sun for a fraction of the price of a new roof.

Under the hot Australian climate, heat reflexion and retention is an important component to consider.
Special paints now offer alternatives to using light colours, which don’t always suit the colour scheme or style of the house, to reduce the heat absorbed or increase the heat reflected by the roof surface in order to reduce heat building up in the roof space and possibly filtering through living zones.

Because safety is one of our primary concerns, we comply with all the requirements of the Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare Act 1986 and OHS&W Regulations 2010 and are qualified to operate high access equipments.

The service includes appropriate cleaning and preparation of the surface, priming and re-spraying.
We are Dulux Accredited in the application of InfraCool Technology products.